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About me

Lena Maria Thyssen

My name is Lena Maria Thyssen. I am from Germany and 33 years old.

I am a nurse by training. After finishing my studies in Germany, I worked for several years in the intensive care unit. Emergency medicine fascinates me, and thus my experience in the hospital inspired me to impart basic but important knowledge …


What are

the costs?

Consultation and treatment take about 45 minutes. 

The cost is 35 Euro. 

How does

it work?

In our modern world, there are increasingly more negative factors influencing us, like stress, poor diet, pollution of the natural environment, negative emotions and emotional conflicts that …

The number of treatments vary according to the problem. Generally, the longer you have been struggling with a …

What is 


Acupuncture (from the latin acus = needle and pungere = puncture) is one of the basic treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and goes back to more than 4000 years in history.




Become a qualified first

aid responder

Most accidents occur at home or at work. We can face those situations easily and calmly if we follow some basic guidelines to help others and might even save our own lives! I invite you to learn this fundamental knowledge in only one day to feel prepared and confident in handling any emergency situatio

Where to find me

Hotel La Sacristía

Calle San Donato 8
11380 Tarifa, Cádiz. España

Tel.: 693 704 517

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